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New stem cell technologies to replace animal testing in S. Korea
Updated: 2022-06-20 08:02:43 KST
South Korean researchers have developed artificial tonsils which can be used to conduct more precise medicinal trials.
Made using stem cell tissue from human tonsils,these artificial tonsils are, biologically, no different from the real thing.
Because of this, the developers say using their product vastly improves the precision of the results of any clinical test compared to those done on animals.

"It reacts in a similar way how our bodies would. It's meaningful as it is a model that can be used to test various treatments."

Another local biotech company came up with a synthetic chip designed to emulate a human heart.
It uses heart cells grown using human stem cells and when looking under a microscope, the chip can be seen beating like a real heart.
And when vein and nerve cells are added, developers explain that more sophisticated heart tests can be carried out.

"We plan to develop a multi-chip that connects the liver, heart and other organs to build a platform that can replace animal and even clinical tests in the future."

While much work is left to be done for these new technologies to be fully commercialized,they are evaluated as a way to reduce and even replace animal testing.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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