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[IN-DEPTH] Nuri launch postponed indefinitely due to technical glitch
Updated: 2022-06-16 17:13:44 KST

The second launch of South Korea's first homegrown rocket Nuri has been postponed indefinitely due to a technical issue.
While the launch was set to take place at 4 PM today it was called off a day before as engineers found a glitch in the oxidizer level sensor in the rocket's first stage.
The rocket had been stood up and ready to gobut has since been taken back to its assembly site.
No new launch date as of yet with authorities trying to clarify the exact cause of the problem.

So, what could've caused the last-minute error? And when will we be seeing Nuri's second launch?

For this we are joined via Zoom by Dr Shin Dong-hyuk, Assistant Professor from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.
Good evening, Dr. Shin.

1. So, today like we've mentioned, was supposed to be the second launch date of rocket Nuri. But it's been delayed due to a problem with a sensor. For starters, can you explain to us what the problem was exactly? And what role does the sensor have that it caused the whole launch to be delayed?

2. Hypothetical of course, but IF engineers had pushed through with the launch, what problems could the sensor malfunction have caused?

3. So now, the second launch has been postponed indefinitely, which means no new date has been set yet. Why do you think it was difficult to set a new date? How long do you expect for the sensor error to be repaired?

4. So, this was supposed to be our second attempt at launching Nuri, as the first ended as a bit of a failure. Can you explain to us how different is this sensor problem compared to what caused the first launch failure?

5. So, as for the second launch, what aspects have been improved compared to the first launch, and what more needs to be done?

6. Other than the Nuri rocket, are there any other space projects being prepared this year?

(EXTRA) 7. Before we let you go, as an expert in the field, how do you assess South Korea's developments in the space industry and what more do you think could be done to take a leap forward to become a space power country?

Alright Dr. Shin, let's not keep our hopes down, and hope the next attempt of Nuri would end up a success, thank you for your insights.
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