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Muggy weather due to warm south-westerly wind
Updated: 2022-06-17 10:16:42 KST
Good Friday afternoon As a warm south-westerly wind is blowing into the country,,, it's going to be hot again Seoul will reach 29 degrees And for the Yeongnam region, including Daegu,, highs will go above 30 degrees with a heat advisory notice issued for Gyeongsangbukdo province

That dramatic warm air transition means showers, mostly in inland regions,, including Seoul The amount of rain will vary from 5 to 40mm It could get blustery So keep an eye on your local weather forecast and carry an umbrella

Ozone levels are something to keep an eye on too with high levels predicted during the middle of the day, in central areas and southern regions Please refrain from unnecessary travel during peak time,, when ozone can't be filtered out by a mask

We're going to wrap up the week with murky skies And, before you get too settled into your plans for the weekend,, please know there's a chance of rain or showers with above-normal high temperatures The rainy season is expected to kick off next week,, from Jeju and the south coast

Now, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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