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New BTS album 'Proof' sells over 2.75 mil. copies within the first week of release
Updated: 2022-06-17 17:14:57 KST
K-pop sensations BTS have set yet another record with their latest album "Proof.".
According to the group's agency Big Hit Music on Friday,the album, released on June 10th, has sold over 2-million-and-7-hundred-50-thousand copies.
That's the largest sales during the first week of release of an album this year in South Korea.
The album also topped the Japanese music chart Oricon's "Daily Album Rankings" this week.

From their jaw-dropping performance at the Grammy Awards to their visits to the United Nations and the White House, the group has helped K-pop reach a larger audience, .
They have also opened the door for other K-pop artists.
On Thursday, Kang Daniel made his TV debut in the United States performing his latest song "Parade" on NBC's "The Kelly Clarkson Show."
The backdrop to his performance was the view of the Hangang River,highlighting the beauty of Korea.

"Because BTS have accomplished a lot in the United States, the public's awareness of K-pop has changed."

But BTS announced on Tuesday that they've decided to spend some time apart as a group.
Instead, they'll focus on solo projects and pursue their own individual interests.
Experts say that the decision will actually further amplify the group's presence around the globe.

Their influence can grow further [] I think the members who previously couldn't collaborate with other artists due to the group's schedule will now be able to grow their presence through various collaborations.

And, it will not in any way lessen the positive influence the group have on other K-pop artists and could actually lead to more collaborations with individual members of BTS.

The expert added that through such collaborations,other K-pop artists will be able to come to the fore.
Lee Shi-hoo, Arirang News
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