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Sweltering heat across the country, monsoon to begin from Jeju
Updated: 2022-06-20 11:12:26 KST
Good Monday afternoon No one likes the combination of heat and high humidity,,, but that's what we have to get used to It's going to be stifling and muggy, with Seoul reaching 30 degrees, and Daegu, soaring to 34 A heat advisory has been issued in a portion of Jeollanamdo and Yeongnam regions So try to avoid spending an extended period of time outside during peak time

The space rocket Nuri has been successfully transported and is ready for launch and the weather in Goheung, Jeollanamdo province, where Naro Space Center is located,,, looks pretty nice
Tomorrow, on launch day,,, there'll be a little bit of rain in the morning,, but overall, it's going to be fine for blast off So,, we'll have our fingers crossed for a successful launch

This year's rainy season starts from Jeju,, before moving northward But the amount of rainfall will be less than expected,, 5 to 20mm And there are showers in the forecast in some inland regions due to unsettled air,, downpours of up to 30mm, with stormy conditions possible

Later this week,, southern regions are also going to be under the influence of rain,, and the sweltering hot weather should continue for the rest of the country

Now, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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