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KARI targets 4 PM Tuesday for Nuri's 2nd launch; rocket undergoing final checks
Updated: 2022-06-20 16:58:15 KST
South Korea's first 100-percent locally developed space rocket - the Nuri - will blast off for its second launch less than 24 hours from now if the weather cooperates and there are no more technical difficulties like the one that delayed the launch last week.
For the latest, we have our Han Seong-woo live on site at the Naro Space Center in Goheung, Jeollanam-do Province.
Seong-woo, there was a delay but we'll finally be seeing lift off tomorrow.

That's right, Mokyeon.
South Korea's first homegrown space rocket Nuri is now standing fully upright, proud and tall, on its launch pad just one day away from blast off and the the Korea Aerospace Research Institute confirmed this afternoon that preparations are moving along smoothly.

"For now, we're preparing for the launch with 4 PM as our target. When exactly the launch will take place will be finalized and announced after Tuesday afternoon's launch management committee meeting where safety related issues and other details will be reviewed."

This morning, it was moved one.eight kilometers on a carrier vehicle from where it was assembled to where it'll lift off for the second time tomorrow.
Last minute checks and operations for D-minus-one are now complete with Nuri connected to all of its umbilical cables… the weather forecasts are going in the rocket's favor as well.
The cables will link Nuri to its control room and provide the rocket with fuel and oxidizers tomorrow before the launch.
Today's developments come after a technical glitch detected one day before its previous launch date suspended the 1.8 billion U.S. dollar project mid last week on June fifteenth.

Seong-woo, speaking of the delay, the new launch date was decided just two days after the detection of that technical glitch. How did engineers fix it so quickly?

Well, Mokyeon the problem was less complicated than first thought.
As we all know authorities first postponed Nuri's launch indefinitely last Wednesday after detecting an error in the oxidizer level sensor in the rocket's first stage.
But the Korea Aerospace Research Institute late that night transported Nuri back to its assembly site from the launch pad for technical inspections the next two days and managed to come up with a swift solution.

"At first, we thought Nuri's first and second stages would have to be separated to replace the problematic sensor itself but researchers at the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, after close examination, found the issue could be solved by replacing just one key part that was malfunctioning."

There were widespread concerns at the time that a problem with the sensor itself, not the electric cable or terminal box near it combined with the monsoon season could delay the launch to autumn.
Luckily for the engineers here on site replacing the sensor's core and not the sensor itself was enough to do the job erasing the need for them to disassemble the rocket and allowing the country to launch Nuri within its alternative launch window which ends this Thursday.
That's all I have for now Mokyeon. Back to you.
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