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What happens to Nuri during its flight after launch?
Updated: 2022-06-20 22:11:33 KST
South Korea's first homegrown space rocket Nuri will take off on Tuesday for what'll be its second launch.
Attention is focused on whether South Korea will become the world's seventh country that can launch a satellite into orbit weighing more than a ton.
But what happens once Nuri is launched?

The 2-hundred ton vehicle is made up of three stages.
The first at the very bottom will separate from the vehicle around two minutes after launch when it reaches 59 kilometers.
The fairing a shield that protects the satellites on-board, will be deployed at around four minutes at an altitude of 1-hundred-91 kilometers.
The stage two rocket will break away at around four and a half minutes 2-hundred-58 kilometers above the Earth's surface.

If everything goes as planned, Nuri will reach its target altitude of 7-hundred kilometers at 14 minutes and 57 seconds.
Then the separation of the third stage will begin starting with the 1-hundred-80 kilogram performance verification satellite.
It's a new edition to the launch as the first try last year only included a dummy.
The satellite will also include four, smaller cube satellites which it will shoot out to orbit.
This will be the first time in history for a satellite to shoot out another satellite.
And finally, about two minutes later, the 1.3 ton dummy satellite will separate at the same altitude.

It will take about half an hour to assess whether both satellites successfully parted from Nuri.
Song Yoo-jin, Arirang News.
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