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D-day for Nuri's 2nd launch: final inspections underway for 4 PM lift-off
Updated: 2022-06-21 11:41:20 KST
In a few hours South Korea makes its second attempt at placing satellites into orbit using domestic technology.
Earlier on this Tuesday morning the launch management committee announced that final preparations for lift-off including the fueling of the rocket would proceed as planned.
The committee is slated to hold another meeting in about half an hour to decide on the precise time of NURI's launch which as of now appears to be 4 PM.
Carrying with it five actual satellites and a 1.3 ton dummy Nuri will soar into the skies powered by FOUR 75-ton liquid-fuel engines in its first stage ONE 75-ton liquid-fuel engine in its second and ONE 7-ton liquid-fuel engine in its third.
If successful the launch will make South Korea the 7th country in the world independently capable of sending a satellite weighing over a ton into orbit using domestic technology.
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