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Updated: 2022-06-21 09:45:51 KST
Welcome back.
ON VIEW POINT today we shed light on South Korea's music industry ranging from BTS to K-TROT.
For more I have James BALMONT a freelance journalist based in London.
James it's good to have you with us.
I also have TAMAR HERMAN with the South China Morning Post who is currently in New York.
Tamar welcome to the program.

1) James last week BTS shared plans to pause group activities and to pursue solo projects.
Now these plans were shared via a video of a dinner among members celebrating their 9th anniversary.
What are your thoughts on this manner of communication?

2) Tamar how do you respond to BTS's PLANNED SOLO ventures and their potential impact on the group's FUTURE MUSIC aspirations as a team?

3) James some pundits believe BTS's absence as a group in the music scene may serve to offer other K-pop stars their time under the limelight.
Do you agree?

4) Tamar I believe you wrote a book on BTS titled BTS: Blood Sweat and Tears.
Do tell us a bit about your book AND what do you believe is behind BTS's phenomenal success?

5) Beyond BTS James you wrote an amazing piece on Korea's TROT a rather colorful music genre that goes back to the beginning of the 20th century and is largely linked to our older generation.
First then what prompted your interest in TROT?

6) Tamar strictly speaking within your capacity as a foreign listener whose exposure to TROT would have most likely come after your encounter with K-pop what are your thoughts on the tunes of TROT?

7) James TROT like you covered in your article is gaining quite a fanbase among young Koreans as well.
How do you care to explain this trend?

8) Tamar. do you see TROT making greater inroads into the Western music market perhaps?

All right
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