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Scorching hot weather with showers in some inland regions
Updated: 2022-06-21 13:20:19 KST
Good Tuesday afternoon Another stifling, scorching day with this morning's heat alerts further expanded across the country And there's even a heat warning for parts of Gyeongsangbukdo province So it shouldn't be taken lightly It's very important to abstain from high-energy activities or unnecessary outdoor work and ensure you drink lots of fluids to avoid heat-related illnesses

With the low pressure system getting weaker rain tapered off on Jeju this morning however parts of Jeollanamdo and Gangwondo provinces will have showers of 5 to 40mm later this afternoon,, which could come with blustery or stormy conditions

In Goheung, Jeollnamdo province,, the space rocket Nuri is scheduled to be launched at 4PM at the Naro space center Skies will be murky with slight wind But overall, the weather looks pretty good There should be no more delays,,, but we'll keep you updated if anything changes

The sweltering hot weather will take a brief break,, as a stationary front gets stronger again from Thursday which means very heavy rain is on the way.. So please be extra careful if you're out and about and take steps to protect against damage from heavy downpours

Now, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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