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S. Korea celebrates 8th International Day of Yoga
Updated: 2022-06-22 10:21:11 KST

June 21st is a meaningful day for yoga lovers around the world.
It's international yoga day.

Back in 2014, India's Prime Minister proposed to the UN General Assembly that yoga should be celebrated every year.
Acknowledging its main mission to spread peace1-hundred 77 nations supported this proposition.

This year, Korea celebrated the 8th International Day of Yoga at Seoul's Seodaemun Independence Park.
The Indian Embassy in Korea chose this iconic cultural site because it's also where Korea and India jointly inaugurated a peace park to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

"I'm here at the international day of yoga event.
It's the first time in two years since an in-person event like this has been held due to the pandemic.
As you can see around me, there's many yoga enthusiasts varying of age and skill that have come together to find inner peace."

Though each participant had different reasons why they started yogait was their love for the discipline that brought them all here.

"I decided to try out yoga because it had a low entry-barrier. You could do it anywhere, as long as you have a yoga mat. I'm so happy that I came to this event to meet fellow yogis and just relax."

"I fell in love with yoga when I was job hunting. Back then I had horrible back pain, and Yoga made me feel better. I never miss an opportunity to do it. Even today, I took a day off work just to come here."

The Indian ambassador to South Korea said yoga has definitely brought the two countries closer.

"It's a very accessible discipline and it's one that brings together the mind, body, and soulI think through this means we are really able to identify and build on this age-old friendship between India and Korea."

This was a popular opinion among other yogis.

"Even though yoga originated from India, it's definitely something anyone can try out and relate to. It brings the world together."

The Indian embassy in South Korea plans to host more yoga related events in Busan on June 27thalong with the rest of the world as celebrations usually run for days.
Shin Ye-eun, Arirang News.
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