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IN-DEPTH: K-Pop's BTS vow they'll be back despite hiatus from group activities
Updated: 2022-06-21 15:59:28 KST
Major news this past week in the world of K-pop and entertainment the genre's biggest stars, BTS, are taking a break as a group to pursue their solo careers and their development as individual artists.
It seems like fans are understandably disappointed, but also supportive of the decision and have been assured by the band that BTS will be back.
So where are the boys going from here, and why? What else do their futures hold?
To look at all of this, we're joined tonight by two experts on the subject Young-dae Kim, Music Critic and Ethnomusicologist and Jeff Benjamin, K-Pop Columnist for Billboard.

1. (KIM) Why have BTS decided to take a break? How long do you think this will last?

2. (BENJAMIN) What's been the reaction among fans in the U.S.? Have the media there in general taken notice of the BTS hiatus?

3. (KIM) Are there any particular members of BTS whose solo works you're looking forward to?

4. (BENJAMIN) How about you, Jeff?

5. (BENJAMIN) How has the response been to the new BTS anthology album? How do you think it fits into the plan for a hiatus?

6. (KIM) What will the band be doing while they're apart? Not long after the announcement they were still committing to some activities, like supporting Busan's bid to host the World Expo in 2030.

7. (BENJAMIN) Even if BTS aren't on the scene as much, what do you think the impact will be on other artists?

8. (KIM) The band's military service is a big question. Do we know anything more about their plans in that regard?
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