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Updated: 2022-06-22 09:32:14 KST
Welcome back.
Chip manufacturing capability is emerging as a prerequisite for a nation's economic advances and even security interests amid the global shortage of semiconductors in recent years.
That being said we address efforts by Samsung to advance its chip technology.
For more I have Professor Song Soo-young from Chung Ang University.
Professor Song welcome back.
I also have Professor LEE Jun-hee at Ulsan National University of Science and Technology who is currently over in Texas LIVE on the LINE.
Professor Lee it's a pleasure to have you with us.

1) Professor Song let's begin with a few words on the history of South Korea's semiconductor industry and its rapid development.

2) Professor Lee NEXT WEEK Samsung will announce plans to mass produce 3-NANOMETER chips and I understand that these chips will be the industry's most advanced semiconductors.
Could you tell us a bit about these 3-NANOMETER chips and their implications?

3) Professor Song Samsung Electronics's Lee Jae-yong embarked on a business trip to Europe earlier this month which was his SECOND overseas agenda following his visit to the UAE and Saudi Arabia last December.
What is your assessment of such active engagements on the international scene by Mr. Lee?

4) Meanwhile Professor Lee what can you tell us about YIELD PROSPECTS with regard to Samsung's 3-nanometer PROCESS?

5) Professor Song some pundits say semiconductors EQUAL security in modern society.
How do you respond to this statement?

6) Professor Lee how does Samsung's 3-nanometer process DIFFER from that of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company which I believe is involved in a similar venture?

7) Professor Song what are your words of advice to the Yoon administration as it seeks to foster high-tech industries including semiconductors to boost their presence in the global market?

8) Staying with the government's intentions Professor Lee the government has spoken about the need to nurture talent in high-tech industries.
What do you advise?

9) Professor Song do you suppose the government has adequate financial headroom to support these technological initiatives?

10) Professor Lee what are your thoughts on the feasibility of joint ventures among companies on the semiconductor front?

All right
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