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Updated: 2022-06-24 08:40:59 KST
Welcome back.
A law enacted here in the country about a decade ago allows ADOPTEES BORN HERE to REINSTATE their citizenship WITHOUT losing their ADOPTED NATIONALITY.
PRIOR TO this law ADOPTEES who happened to have both citizenships HAD to CHOOSE ONE once they turned 20 or 22 depending on gender.
For more I have Bryan PIETSCH JEONG Dong-soo an adoptee who RECLAIMED his Korean citizenship.
Bryan welcome and congratulations on reclaiming your Korean identity should I say?

1) Bryan let's begin with the reason for and your journey to reclaiming Korean citizen.
(Do tell us a bit about the actual protocols involved.)

2-1) Are you required to take a Korean language proficiency test?

2-2) Do you suppose such a requirement would have hindered your hopes of reclaiming Korean citizenship?

3) Now this next question is something you touched upon in your coverage of your experience for The Washington Post.
As you are probably aware military service is an obligation for Korean men.
Are you required to serve?

4) Bryan what has been the response to your article your experience to becoming Korean again?
(from those around you, from your readers, etc)

5) Meanwhile what have been some of the merits and perhaps demerits of your reclaiming citizenship?

6-1) Bryan you mentioned the Global Overseas Adoptees' Link that assisted you in your reinstatement process.
Could you tell us a bit about this entity?

{{{ 6-2) Have you sought to find your biological parents? }}}

7) Meanwhile back in the U.S. the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy marks its tenth anniversary this year.
For the sake of our viewers here do tell us about this policy.

8) Bryan let's end with a few words on your future plans as a Korean citizen?

All right
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