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S. Koreans choosing to travel over Chuseok holiday instead of visiting hometowns Updated: 2020-09-18 17:16:45 KST

On average, more than a third of the population are on the move during Chuseok every year.
While a record number of citizens claim they won't travel to hometowns for the holidays due to COVID-19, it seems many are headed elsewhere.
Eum Jiyoung has our top story.
As one of South Korea's biggest holidays of the year is just around the cornerhealth authorities are urging people to refrain from visiting their home towns or travelin a bid to prevent further spread of COVID-19.
"People in the capital area are more prone to the virus due to the recent surge of COVID-19 and the dense population. It is very worrisome because if they visit their home towns, they would be visiting elderly relatives who are highly vulnerable to COVID-19."
According to a recent survey released on Friday, it seems that people are complying with the government's recommendations.
Gallup Korea surveyed one thousand people above the age of 18and only 16 percent said they plan on visiting their hometowns for one night or more during this Chuseok holiday, much lower than in previous years.
A whopping eight out of 10 people said their plans during Chuseok are to stay at homeand only one percent said they plan to travel for one night or more.
However, the truth appears to be a little different.
According to the Jeju Tourism Association, at least 198-thousand people are expected to travel to the resort island during the five-day holiday which starts on the last day of September.
The projected volume is almost the same observed during the summer season.
Roughly 80 percent of flights to Jeju Island from Gimpo and Gimhae airports have been reservedand bookings for lodging and rental cars have skyrocketed, reaching their limits.
This is not just the case for Jeju though as it is a similar story for most lodging facilities across the nation.
Reservation rates at most resorts at seaside areas on the east coast are at around 95 percent.
With growing concerns, the Korea Expressway Corporation said they are banning people from dining-in and allowing take-out only at motorway rest stops.
Eum Ji-young Arirang News.
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