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President Moon to wrap up G7 agenda on Sunday Updated: 2021-06-13 11:09:51 KST

It's President Moon Jae-in's second and final day at this year's G7 Summit. President Moon has two more sessions to attend before wrapping up his UK visit.
On Saturday, on top of his bilateral summits.. he bumped into his Japanese and U.S. counterparts on site.
For details, we have our senior Blue House correspondent Kim Min-ji on the line.
We didn't get the much-anticipated three-way talk but rather a brief encounter to exchange short greetings. Tell us more.

President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga briefly met for the first time in person at the G7 Summit in Cornwall on Saturday.
South Korea's top office said the two exchanged greetings ahead of the expanded G7 session on health.
Moon previously had a phone call with Suga in September last year to congratulate him on his inauguration and met him virtually during the ASEAN+3 Summit last November.
Japanese reports say Moon and the First Lady also exchanged greetings with their Japanese counterparts for about a minute at the dinner session for the leaders and their partners on Saturday evening.
President Moon also had a brief chat with U.S. President Joe Biden their second face-to-face encounter since their summit in May.
Moon expressed gratitude to Biden for providing COVID-19 vaccines to South Korea.
Seoul received one million doses of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine from Washington, following Biden's pledge to donate vaccines to South Korean troops during their summit.
There hasn't been the much-anticipated summit between Moon and Suga yet or a trilateral one with Biden but we'll see if they squeeze in a brief chat in today.

Min-ji, I understand a session on open societies is underway as we speak. China is expected to top discussions there. The U.S. has already unveiled an infrastructure partnership likely as a means to counter Beijing's influence. Give us the details.

Right, during the current session the leaders are expected to discuss the need to bolster and protect the values of open society and democracy amid China's growing economic influence.
President Moon, who is also attending this session, is expected to highlight the need for cooperation to maintain free trade and an open economy.
Attention will be on whether the leaders also discuss building supply chain resilience.
China is not a member of the G7, but it's undoubtedly topping discussions here.
Earlier, the G7 nations unveiled an infrastructure initiative for developing countries to tackle climate change.
Led by President Biden through the "Build Back Better Partnership" the G7 members will seek to help close an over 40 trillion infrastructure need in developing countries that has been exacerbated by the pandemic.
The move is seen as a bid to counter China's Belt and Road Initiative dubbed the New Silk Road.
More details are likely to be included in the G7 Leaders' Communique.

Min-ji, Moon had a bilateral summit with his British counterpart Boris Johnson Sunday morning, local time, before heading into the 'open society' session.
What was discussed there and what's left on Moon's agenda for the day?

We're still waiting for the outcome of the summit which was held about an hour ago.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson the host of this year's G7 invited President Moon to attend.
Their face-to-face meeting follows phone talks only about a week ago.
The leaders are expected to have discussed the importance of securing a fair vaccine supply and seek cooperative measures to address the issue.
Also likely on the table are ways to boost their relationship and expand cooperation, trade, investment, and the economy especially as the South Korea-UK free trade deal took effect in January this year.
Now, President Moon has another session left this one on climate before he wraps up his official agenda.
We'll also be keeping a lookout on whether Moon will have any pull aside talks before he leaves the summit venue.
He will then head to Austria for a state visit this afternoon which will be followed by a state visit to Spain.
Back to you, Conn-young.
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