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STUDIO & SKYPE SESSION Updated: 2022-01-12 09:33:01 KST

The Moon administration's PROPOSAL for an END of WAR DECLARATION here on the Korean peninsula has been met with MIXED REACTIONS.
For more I have Professor Min Jeong-hun from the Korea National Diplomatic Academy.
Professor Min it's good to see you again.
I also have Doctor John Park DIRECTOR of the Korea Project at Harvard Kennedy School LIVE on the LINE.
Doctor Park it's a pleasure to have you with us.

1) Professor Min let's begin with the overall INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE to the Moon administration's efforts to formally end the Korean war.

2) Doctor Park in early November 23 U.S. House lawmakers PENNED a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden CLAIMING that a FORMAL END to the STATE of war on the peninsula would be an IMPORTANT STEP toward PEACE.
NOW the letter was LED by Democratic Representative BRAD SHERMAN of California who BACK in MAY INTRODUCED a BILL that called for diplomatic engagement with North Korea for "a BINDING peace agreement".
Do tell us a bit about this "Peace on the Korean Peninsula" bill.

3) Here in Korea Professor Min what has been the progress on efforts to pass a resolution on ending the Korean war proposed by liberal lawmakers back in June 2020?

4) Doctor Park last December 33 REPUBLICAN lawmakers sent a letter to the Biden administration OPPOSING an end of war declaration.
Do tell us a bit about this letter.
((The letter ASSERTED that North Korea must first commit to resolving nuclear tensions and to ending its human rights violations.))

5) Professor Min do you suppose greater support for the end of war declaration from countries other than the U.S. would serve to add tangible momentum to related efforts?

6) Doctor Park Seoul's top diplomat Chung Eui-yong has claimed that South Korea and the U.S. have effectively agreed on a draft declaration for a formal end to the Korean war.
Simply speaking what are your thoughts?

7) Professor Min earlier on Tuesday that is yesterday North Korea test-fired yet another missile into the East Sea JUST AS members of the Unted Nations Security Council met in New York to discuss Pyeongyang's earlier test-launch last week.
What do you believe are Pyeongyang's INTENTIONS?

8) And Doctor Park the White House for its part has DENOUNCED the latest launch.
What RESPONSE STRATEGY do you ENVISION Washington ADOPTING in the future with regard to Pyeongyang?

9) Professor Min North Korea in recent days has NOT been AS VOCAL with regard to the Moon administration's efforts to ensure a formal end to the Korean war AND to international condemnation of its shows of might.
What are your thoughts?

10) Doctor Park against this backdrop do tell us a bit about the challenges that lie ahead in efforts to ensure permanent peace on the Korean peninsula?

11) Professor Min the heads of South Korea and China may meet late this month.
Do you believe this possible summit may advance the regional peace mechanism?

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