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New type of S. Korean drone tech helps carry out railway safety inspections Updated: 2022-05-18 06:10:46 KST

South Korean researchers have developed a system that uses drones to test the safety of railways, bridges, and other infrastructure.
Equipped with an enhanced navigation system, the drones fly without colliding with any obstacles even when passing under bridges or buildings where GPS signals can be interrupted.

Developers say their drones are strong enough to fly with ease,even in adverse weather and strong winds of up to 8 meters per second.
They also aren't affected by electromagnetic waves.
The drones record images and footage and send them to an AI-driven hub that detects, categorizes, and analyzes construction flaws.
A 3D illustration is generated, showing exactly where the damage is located.

"Using the pre-input data and the images sent by the drones, the system relies on artificial intelligence to automatically spot any constructional defects using all the data stored in its archive."

The software also has an in-vehicle function where it can carry out inspections when crossing over a bridge.
This feature has shortened inspection times drastically.
A five-hundred meter bridge would normally take 24 hours to inspect.
With this technology: just seven.

"Our railroad facilities are outdated. The new automated system will improve their safety thanks to its complete and prompt inspections."

Scheduled to be used in real inspections starting in the second half of this year,the new system will undergo demonstration tests at least ten public railroad facilities nationwide until June.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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