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Korean baseball season ends with NC Dinos' sword ceremony Updated: 2020-11-27 06:55:23 KST

South Korea's baseball season finished with a historic win by the NC Dinos, who won their first-ever Korea Series championship, since they joined professional baseball in 2013.
The Dinos celebrated their extraordinary win, brandishing a massive sword a replica of an iconic weapon in the game Lineage developed by NCSOFT, which owns the baseball team.
The NC Dinos clinched the 2020 Korean Series title, beating the Doosan Bears with a 4-2 victory in Game 6 of the best-of-seven championship round.
We discuss this incredible feat today with Min Hoonki, Spotv commentator in Seoul, who has been in sports journalism for over 30 years. Thank you for joining us.
We also connect with Daniel Kurtz, founder of MyKBO an online platform that brings Korean baseball to the world. He joins us from Tacoma, Washington. It's great to see you again.

1. I want to start with your reaction to the NC Dinos' win. Let's begin with you Mr. Min: Did you expect them to do so well?
What do you think was key to their success?

2. Mr. Kurtz: NC Dinos won their very first Korean Series Championship since their establishment in 2011, what does this mean for them? Would you say this was a quick success because they won the championship in less than a decade in a fiercely competitive league?

3. Mr. Min: Catcher Yang Eui-ji shone throughout the games and was crowned MVP of the series. What did you make of his performance?

4. Mr. Kurtz: It was interesting to see NC Dinos receiving a giant sword instead of a trophy after clinching their very first win, what do you make of that and could it potential spark a new tradition trend in baseball with teams receiving unique tokens for their win in the Korean Series, or even MLB?

5. Mr. Kurtz: Lots of North Carolina locals have been calling NC Dinos their local team because of their acronym, and the Durham Bulls, home to Durham of North Carolina, have actually shown support for the KBO league. Do you think this is a fad or do you see baseball fans in North Carolina following KBO from now on?
What is it about Korean baseball that U.S. fans enjoy and do you think this trend will last beyond the pandemic?

6. Mr. Min: This year, South Korean baseball has grown a large following in the U.S.
How does it make you feel as a reporter who oversaw the evolution of Korean baseball over your 34 years in media, and what do you think makes Korean baseball unique and enjoyable for U.S. audience?

- Also, who are the up and coming players that we should watch?

7. To both: It's been a silent year in stadiums as baseball leagues in both South Korea and the U.S. as they have been struggling to hold games due to various virus prevention measures in place.
What have been the biggest changes that had to be made and are they likely to continue next year?
HOw do you think Korean leagues become more global and also attract more sponsors and investors?

That was Min Hoonki, Spotv commentator in Seoul, and decorated sports journalist, and Daniel Kurtz, MyKBO in Washington.
Thank you for your time.

Reporter : osy@arirang.com
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