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Parenting During A Pandemic with Youngna Park Updated: 2021-08-02 17:10:50 KST

The past year has been unrelenting for everyone, but for working parents also overseeing their children's remote learning, the demands of being educator, playmate, psychologist and referee throughout the day, every day, has left many of us exhausted.
Many families are experiencing burnout, whether it's with remote schoolwork, house work or work-work. And while kids have begun returning to school in phases for in-person learning here in Korea, it doesn't mean everyone's fear and anxiety will go away overnight.
Parenting during the pandemic, it's the topic of our News In-depth tonight. Joining us live from New York is Youngna Park, Product and Leadership Advisor.
Youngna Park, it's great to have you with us.

It's going to take a while to change and to get used to school routines. And any change raises anxiety. We all get used to things, everything becomes familiar, that’s part of our resilience package. So making a change again is going to feel unnatural again. How do we our kids ready for the transition back to full-time, in-person learning?

After having stayed home for distance learning, My daughter has been remote for a year so she has a fear she won’t have any friends going back. I think it’s because she hasn’t seen them in person for so long. I tell her everyone is in the same boat. Do you have any other reassurance?

To compensate for the lack of in-person peer interactions, what socialization activities can parents introduce to their children’s daily routine?

For working moms and dads, child care has gotten so much more difficult in this time of the pandemic.
How is it best to communicate with employers that child care, especially for children under five, has gotten harder to obtain? Day cares have longer waitlists.

Research tells us that parenting is influenced by our own psychological resources, the characteristics of our children, and our networks of social support. The pandemic has immeasurably disrupted all three of these parenting determinants. What are the best strategies parents can use to cope with their own social and emotional hardships during the pandemic?

Youngna Park, Product and Leadership Advisor, on parenting during a pandemic for us tonight. Thank you.
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