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S. Korea reports 2,080 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday with all time high for capital region Updated: 2021-09-15 09:54:19 KST

Turning to the COVID-19 situation in South Korea.
More than 2-thousand new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday - yet another mid-week surge, but one just two days out from the five-day-long Chuseok holiday.
For more, Kim Do-yeon is at the News Center.
Do-yeon, it seems like we've been seeing two,plus new cases every Wednesday for a good old while now

Mark, that's right and to be specific South Korea reported 2,and-80 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.
Of them, all but 23 were locally transmitted.
As you mentioned, it's another mid-week spike with increased testing having an effect making it 583 more cases than the day before.
Compared to a week earlier it's up 30.
Authorities are concerned that the rise is mostly centered in the heavily-populated capital region, and during Chuseok holiday, there will be a massive movement of people from Seoul to the rest of the country.
In terms of local transmissions Seoul City accounted for 804 cases today well surpassing its previous record for a day of 665.
Taking the whole capital region into account the number was over 80 percent of all cases nationwide.
The current wave of infections labeled as the fourth wave began in the capital area and spread to the rest of the nation.
With this clear surge in the capital and its surrounding areas, authorities are worried that a similar scenario will play out, albeit with greater consequences as the situation at the moment is much worse than when the fourth wave began.
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