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From expert medical advice to remote cheerleading: YouTube in the COVID-19 era Updated: 2021-09-15 17:06:58 KST

COVID-19 has given Doctor Shim Min-bo extra motivation to post videos onto his YouTube channel.
In a world flooded with misinformation online, he feels the responsibility of providing the public with expert medical advice based on proper academic research.

"Some doctors even advertise on YouTube in hopes of raising stock prices. They just make me shake my head It angers me when I see medical professionals deliver wrong information online. I think to myself, 'Shouldn't they feel ashamed of themselves?'"

Through YouTube and other forms of new media, people now have the power to both consume and spread expert knowledge.
In the case of medicine, Shim says the increased availability of information has given patients more control over their treatments.

"Physicians and pharmacists are opening their knowledge and personal experiences to the public. By watching their videos on YouTube, people can acquire just about the same amount of information experts have It's a major paradigm shift. No longer can doctors unilaterally order their patients to receive certain therapies."

Elsewhere, video platforms have become a way for people to carry on with their lives amid the tough virus prevention measures.
This especially applies to those in sports entertainment, an industry hit hard by the no-spectator rule at stadiums.

"Cheerleaders still cheer their hearts out and communicate with fans not in person but through the camera lens."

It's a relief for cheerleader Park Hye-lin, who at one point, feared her career could come to an end.

"When the pandemic got really bad last year, all the sports leagues suspended play and we were told not to come to perform. It was a shock and what seemed like a temporary measure just kept getting extended longer and longer."

The pandemic saw Park's income fall by one-third but thanks to Cheerleading TV, a YouTube channel run by her agency, she's able to continue her passion while making some money on the side.

"As a cheerleader, it's important I stay fit and keep moving around. Thanks to Youtube, I can do that and at the same time, film content, connect with fans and earn some extra income. I love it."

This online shift has enabled professionals to stay in touch with their audience, and even reach new fans.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.
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