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World News: Hungary accuses Ukraine of meddling as it signs Russia gas pact Updated: 2021-09-28 07:08:24 KST

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After Hungary signed a new 15-year natural-gas supply deal with Russia's state-controlled energy giant Gazprom Monday, the move was immediately criticized by Ukraine, who called the supply deal "purely political" and "economically unreasonable".
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry added that the deal would have “a significant impact on energy security of Ukraine and Europe",.. while calling on the European Commission to assess whether the deal respected European energy legislation.
However, Hungary's foreign minister slapped back, saying the gas deal should not concern "third parties".

"I reject the attempted meddling with Hungary's internal affairs. Providing Hungarians with heating in winter is our job. This cannot be influenced by any other country. What contracts Hungary decides to enter, should not concern any third parties."

The foreign minister added that Hungary never criticized any of Ukraine's contracts with third parties, and isn't "interested" in Ukraine's opposition.
Under the latest deal, effective from October 1st, Gazprom will ship 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas to Hungary annually, and will supply around half of Hungary's annual gas consumption.

Over to the UK, where gas stations ran dry across Britain on Monday, with vendors trying to ration sales, as a shortage of truckers strained supply chains to breaking point.
The post-Brexit shortage of truck drivers amid the easing of COVID-19 restrictions has led to chaos in British supply chains, from food to fuel, raising concerns over shortages, as well as price increases in the run up to Christmas.
Drivers queued for hours to fill their cars at gas stations, that still had some fuel to sell, with calls for National Health Service staff and other emergency workers to be given priority.
Amid the chaos, the UK's environment minister on Monday reassured that there's plenty of petrol remaining, and that panic buying is triggering the temporary shortage.

"Well, we can only continue to reassure people that we have plenty of petrol - both in storage (and) coming out of those refineries, as well - and the only reason that we have an issue at the moment with some petrol stations - not having petrol at forecourts - is that people are buying petrol they wouldn't.

The panic buying has caused up to 90-percent of UK's gas stations to run dry.

And finally, Instagram has halted its plans to launch a new app for kids, amid growing opposition for the project.
According to a blog post from Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, the pause comes as U.S. lawmakers and advocacy groups alike raised concerns that the photo-sharing app could be harmful to children's mental health.
While Instagram argued building a version of the app for kids was the right thing to do, it was only halting the project in order to consult with experts and policymakers, and would continue work on its parental supervision tool.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.
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