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N. Korea continues to develop ballistic missile capacity: UN report Updated: 2021-04-01 10:03:20 KST

The UN says North Korea is still developing its ballistic missile capacity, defying international sanctions.
This is according to a report released Wednesday by the sanctions committee on North Korea under the UN Security Council.
The experts noted that the North has unveiled mid-to-short-range ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and inter-continental ballistic missiles, signaling that all of them can be nuclear-armed regardless of their range.
The assessment backs up Pyeongyang's statement that it has successfully developed nuclear warheads small enough to fit atop short, mid and long-range missiles.
The experts also said the regime is shifting from liquid-fuel to solid-fuel ballistic missiles, enhancing maneuverability.
Moreover, pointing to the expansion and modernization works at the regime's missile production facility in North Pyongan Province, the report adds that movements have been spotted across numerous factories that make military equipment like missile launchers.
The report cited a UN member-state, which explained the regime is still operating its Yongbyon Nuclear Complex, adding that smoke and vapor containing uranium dioxide have been spotted.
The experts also added that the regime seems to have resumed missile cooperation with Iran, exporting core parts to Tehran as recently as last year.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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