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North Korea's nuclear weapons and millenials: British artist releases photo book of life in Pyeongyang Updated: 2021-05-03 06:17:12 KST

- Everyday life in North Korea and how we can understand better
- 북한의 실생활과 우리가 더욱 잘 이해할 수 있는 방법

The 2.9 million of North Korea are often reduced to propaganda images and the way they are depicted in the snippets of photos revealed by the state. But as the saying goes, "people are people," and the ways of the everyday in North Korea are revealed to be not too dissimilar despite the hardships that they go through. In her new book "North Korea: Like Nowhere Else," Lindsey Miller, musical director and award-winning composer who lived in Pyongyang between 2017 to 2019, describes the experience of living with the people of North Korea and what their lives are really like.

290만 명의 북한의 사람들은 선전 이미지와 당국이 공개한 사진 조각 속 모습으로 종종 축소된다. 그러나 '어딜가나 사는 것은 똑같다'는 속담처럼, 북한의 일상은 우리와 크게 다르지 않을 수도 있다. 2017년부터 2019년까지 평양에 살았던 음악 감독이자 작곡가인 린지 밀러는 그녀의 신작 "North Korea: Like Nowhere Else"에서 북한 주민들과 함께 살았던 경험을 공유하며 그들의 삶이 실제로 어떤 지 그려본다.

Lindsey Miller, Award-winning composer, musical director, author of “North Korea: Like Nowhere Else”
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