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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Can games go ahead? Updated: 2021-05-11 16:42:13 KST

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are now just about 10 weeks away but Japan has extended a state of emergency in Tokyo and three other areas as daily new coronavirus infections soared to over 6000 in recent days.
Of the many questions that remain to be answered, the dominating question still is 'can the games really go ahead'?
For some clues as to what's expected of the risky global sporting event, Dr. Barbara Holthus, deputy director of Sophia University's German Institute for Japanese Studies joins us live from Tokyo.
She's also one of the games volunteers.
Thank you for joining us.

Judging from what you've observed as a scholar in Japanese studies in Tokyo and also as an Olympics volunteer, what do you think would happen? Would the games kick off despite the numerous concerns?

Another big question is 'should the games be held?'. A recent poll conducted by Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun showed nearly 60% of the respondents said the games must be cancelled with many calling the event a potential 'superspreading event'. What are your thoughts?

You are one of the 110-thousand Tokyo Olympics volunteers. Tell us about the Japanese government's quarantine guidelines for the volunteers, and do you think they're enough to ensure safety?

The covid playbook appears to be quite thorough for athletes, and they will also get free vaccinations supported by Pfizer. Do athletes remain divided on the opening of the games? What's the general consensus among German athletes?

The Japanese government, with the IOC will make the final decision. What's at stake for the two sides if Olympics get cancelled? What does it mean to Japan and to the IOC?

Barbara Holthus joining us from Tokyo tonight, thank you.
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