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STUDIO & SKYPE SESSION Updated: 2022-04-07 10:03:14 KST

A South Korea delegation REPRESENTING President-elect YOON SUK-YEOL IS currently in the U.S. to co-ordinate bilateral interests ahead of the country's PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION on MAY 10th.
For more I have Professor Kim Hyun-wook from the Korea National Diplomatic Academy.
Professor Kim welcome back.
I also have Professor Lim Eun-jung at Kongju National University.
It's good to have you on again Professor Lim.

1) Professor KIM let's start with a few words on the PURPOSE of the current visit to the U.S. by the South Korean delegation representing President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol .

2) Professor LIM the incoming South Korean administration has pledged a hardline stance against North Korea's displays of defiance.
Can we expect President-elect Yoon's North Korea policy to be a radical departure from that of President Moon?

3) And Professor KIM how might North Korea respond to calls by South Korea and the U.S. for COMPLETE VERIFIABLE and IRREVERSIBLE DENUCLEARIZATION?

4) Professor KIM what are the chances of an UNRELENTING confrontation between the U.S. and North Korea especially in light of the current geopolitical events?

5) Meanwhile Professor LIM how do you EXPLAIN North Korea's RECENT HARSH RHETORIC directed at South Korea?
((Simply speaking KIM YO-JONG believes South Korea is "no match" for North Korea but North Korea will resort to nuclear weapons if provoked.))

6) Professor KIM there is strong belief that North Korea may engage in further acts of provocation this month as it celebrates the birth of the country's founder KIM IL SUNG on April 15th.
Do you share this belief?
((North Korea's 6th nuclear test was conducted in September 2017.))

7) Professor LIM the incoming YOON administration has spoken about the need to pursue a comprehensive strategic alliance with Washington one that covers broader economic and security agendas BEYOND SIMPLY North Korea matters.
What do you ENVISION?

8) Professor LIM the head of YOON'S U.S. delegation PARK JIN and his deputy CHO TAE-YONG are considered strong candidates for the post of foreign minister.
What can you tell us about their potential foreign policy directions?

9) Professor KIM late last month North Korea test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile breaking a self-imposed moratorium following a similar test back in November 2017.
What has been shared about its missile capabilities?

10) Professor LIM what are your prospects with regard to cross-border ties under the YOON administration AND what do you propose with regard to Seoul-Washington collaboration to ensure peace and stability on the Korean peninsula?

11) Professor KIM what is your forecast of inter-Korean ties over the next five years AND HOW can Seoul and Washington work together to ensure regional security?

All right .
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