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That is the latest heated debate here in South Korea over mandatory military service for members of K-POP SENSATION BTS.
On this segment of VIEW POINT we bring you the thoughts of foreign journalists on this matter.
I have Andres Sanchez BRAUN from E-F-E SPAIN in the studio.
Andres it's good to have you here.
I also have Sebastien FALLETI from LE FIGARO.
Sebastien welcome back.
Meanwhile joining this session virtually is JOTAM CONFINO journalist for HAA-RETZ and T-V-2 DANMARK.
Jotam it's a pleasure to have you on

1) Andres let’s begin with your personal thoughts on the debate over mandatory military service for BTS here in South Korea.

2) And Sebastien do you believe members of this K-pop group should be exempt from compulsory conscription given their role in raising Korea’s cultural standing on the international stage?

3) Meanwhile Jotam you are Danish-Israeli by birth.
I believe your father was a veteran Israeli soldier.
What are your thoughts on this ongoing dispute over military service for BTS?

4) Andres I believe conscription was abolished in Spain back in 2001.
Can you tell us a bit about the background behind the decision to rid off mandatory military service there after 230 years?

5) In France Sebastien after almost two decades since phasing out conscription for men the country’s teenagers in 2019 partook in a pilot program as part of President Emmanuel Macron’s pledge to reintroduce a form of civic service that offers the young direct experience of military life.
What has been the response to this effort?

6) Jotam do share with us some details. about the compulsory military service in Israel.
(I also hear Denmark has a lottery arrangement for military service?)

7) Andres Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has renewed interest in national defense capabilities.
That being said what are the chances of Spain reinstating some form of mandatory military service in the future?

8) Sebastien what alternative service could members of BTS engage in instead of the military?
(Free concerts at military bases to boost morale?)

9) Jotam the hope is that such service within the armed forces will foster a tangible sense of camaraderie and patriotism among conscripts and prepare them for related missions should duty call.
What are your thoughts?

10) Andres the concern here in Korea is that broadening exemptions from military service for those in the entertainment industry may lead to cases of these exemptions being abused.
Do you agree?

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