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[IN-DEPTH] Animated films, musicals, movies inspired by K-pop released across the globe Updated: 2022-05-03 17:04:42 KST

With K-pop's global presence increasing all the time, a growing number of creators in Hollywood are jumping on the bandwagon and producing more K-pop-inspired content.
The popular Disney-Pixar film "Turning Red," which hit streaming platform Disney-plus on March 11th, features a five-member boy band inspired by K-pop acts like BIGBANG and 2PM.
Also, "Kpop," an original musical about what it takes to be a K-pop star, is due to hit Broadway theaters in October.
So why is the world creating content that centers on K-pop?
And what's so unique about Korean entertainment companies that they keep producing these superstars?
It's the topic of our In-depth tonight.

For this we are joined by Bernie CHO, President of DFSB Kollective and KIM Young-dae, Music Critic and Ethnomusicologist, both via Skype.
Thank you gentlemen for joining us.

1. (YOUNGDAE) I heard that there's more content like this coming out around the globe, can you name us some?

2. (YOUNGDAE) Of the many countries, why Korean content? And does it center on K-pop?

3. (BERNIE) What about you, Bernie?

4. (YOUNGDAE) People say music has no language, but when compared to songs that are sang in one's mother tongue, listening to songs in foreign languages needs a bit more effort; to look into the lyrics, translate them and understand them. But nowadays the popularity of K-pop is rising in different parts of the world.
Why do you think this is the case, even though people need to do extra work to understand Korean music? What's so special about Korean music?

Speaking of K-pop, we can't talk about K-pop without mentioning the entertainment companies behind these big stars.
Lately, executives of major entertainment agencies in South Korea have been listed among Billboard's 2022 International Power Players.
FOUR executives were named in the Billboard list of leaders in global music markets outside the U.S.
They include SM Entertainment co-CEOs Lee Sung-su and Tak Young-jun, Hybe CEO Park Ji-won and Shin Young-jae, president of Big Hit Music.

5. (YOUNGDAE) SM has been a legendary entertainment agency for decades now, producing a lot of stars. Lately, its metaverse girl group Aespa has risen to stardom and even performed on the main stage at Coachella. What do you think is the reason behind the company's long-running success?

6. (BERNIE) Hybe, which is relatively new compared to SM, is mostly known for BTS. The company was formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment. How exactly has the company rebranded itself? And how is the company unique in terms of nurturing artists?

7. (BERNIE) Lately, K-pop boy band BIGBANG now as a quartet made its triumphant return after a four-year hiatus. Its new single "Still Life" is already topping music charts both at home and abroad.
Despite several incidents involving its members, what do you think is so special about Big Bang that it's making new records again so soon?

8. (YOUNGDAE) Like BIGBANG, do you think there's a chance for older groups or Korean popstars to make successful returns? And are there any K-pop groups that are making preparations to come back in the near future?

Alright, we have to wrap up our discussion here, thank you for making time for us again Youngdae and Bernie.
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