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Yoon's first 100 days in office press conference: emphasis on people's will Updated: 2022-08-17 11:52:26 KST

President Yoon Suk-yeol hosted his first official press conference earlier on this Wednesday morning to mark his first 100 days in office.
For details on that event I have our Presidential Office Correspondent Yoon Jung-min standing by live on the line.
Jung-min do fill us in.

Sunny, a number of topics discussed during the 50-minute long press conference, but first, the President stressed his commitment to the Korean people amid his unusually low job ratings.
Listen in.

"Reflecting what the people want is most crucial in running state affairs. I will make sure that we don't miss a thing in listening to what the people want. I, myself, will do my utmost in carrying out this vow."

Regarding his administration's "audacious initiative" for North Korean denuclearization unveiled during his Liberation Day speech earlier this week, President Yoon acknowledged the need for dialogue and added he does not seek a regime change by power in North Korea.
Yoon's "audacious initiative" includes a number of measures aimed at improving the North Korean people's livelihoods in stages in exchange for North Korea's practical steps towards denuclearization.
He said he's also willing to help restore "Washington, Pyeongyang relationship" if the North Korean regime abandons its nuclear development program.

When it comes to bilateral ties with Japan, the South Korean leader reiterated his strong will to swiftly improve the relations saying the authorities are looking into ways to compensate Korean victims of Japan's use of wartime forced labor while avoiding Japan's "sovereignty" issues as claimed by the Japanese government.

That's all from me at this hour, and I'll bring more updates. Sunny.
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