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IN-DEPTH: Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly to visit Saudi Arabia for potentially landmark talks Updated: 2022-08-18 17:37:51 KST

Chinese President Xi Jinping is reportedly going to visit Saudi Arabia in the coming days in what some are saying could herald a major development in China's relations with the Middle East.
There's talk of a deal for China to buy oil in Yuan and what that would mean for the world.
Also what kind of reception President Xi will get in Saudi Arabia considering the relatively low-key reception not long ago for U.S. President Joe Biden.
For a closer look at the situation, we are pleased to welcome to the program Dr. PAIK Seung-hoon, Researchers at the Institute for Middle Eastern Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Q1. First of all, why is Xi Jinping going to Saudi Arabia? What does China want, and why now?

Q2. There's talk of a possible deal for China to buy oil directly in Yuan? What is the significance of a deal for oil in the Chinese currency?

Q3. What does Xi Jinping's visit imply for relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States? Joe Biden was just there recently.

Q4. Are there any implications for South Korea, which, of course, depends entirely on imports for its oil supply?

Q5. How does Taiwan play into this? Arab states have for decades publicly supported the One China principle.

Q6. Does this represent a return for China to the international stage, since Xi Jinping hasn't left China since the start of the pandemic?
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