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Ep.42 #Decommissioning technologies for reactors #Rise of the proptech industry #Cause marketing

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2021-07-28

BizTechKOREA - Ep.42
Decommissioning technologies for reactors

Along with the permanent shutdown of Kori 1 and Wolsong 1 nuclear reactors, Korea is about to promote the decommissioning of commercial nuclear power plants for the first time. Also, technologies for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities have garnered a lot of attention. On this week’s #Lab_Tube, we introduce the Environmental Remediation Lab. of the Decommissioning Technology Research Division at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. They have developed core technologies for the environmental restoration of retired nuclear power plants. Also, they have developed a micro robot and an absorbent that can purify polluted soil and groundwater from the decommissioned nuclear power stations. And the research team has developed the world’s first technology that can remove cesium from polluted soil by making use of magnetic forces. Moreover, they have developed “sulfur-zeolite” and a micro robot to purify polluted groundwater. We introduce the Environmental Remediation Lab. of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, which has developed and promoted economical and eco-friendly technologies as well as gained ground in the global field.

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Rise of the proptech industry

Proptech refers to the collaboration of advanced technologies like big data, blockchain and AI with the real estate industry. On this week’s #BizTech_Brunch, we talk about the ongoing development of the proptech industry. Along with the continuous rise of proptech in the domestic market, the total sales of the domestic proptech startups surpassed 1 billion dollars last year. Also, a VR service that provides simulations on houses as well as AR technologies for simulations on interior designs have been developed. A domestic company has developed a VR solution that enables consumers to check the interior and exterior of houses without actually visiting the place. Moreover, the government has promoted various measures to cope with the growth of the proptech market. It has focused on the fostering of the related emerging businesses so that they can create higher added values. We look into the proptech industry, which has brought about significant changes to the real estate market.

#real_estate_market #proptech #AI #interior_design #metaverse#fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV

Cause marketing

The younger generation has recently shown a lot of interest in ethical consumption. Therefore, many companies have developed their own strategies to cope with the trend. On this week’s #Hash_Tech, we explore “cause marketing,” which refers to a marketing strategy that seeks marketing benefits and supports social issues at the same time. First, we introduce an eco-friendly refill station which helps consumers purchase as much shampoos and body washes as they want with eco-friendly containers. Marketing strategies that have focused on the reduction of plastic waste have emerged as a popular trend. An expert who is certified as a custom cosmetic compounding manager offers safe and hygienic products. Also, we introduce a special place for a funding platform. The neglected space which was left unattended for a long time was renovated into a space for experience and communication. And it offers chances to SMEs and startups to get funding and promote their products. Moreover, it offers chances to startups which have just started their businesses. It can play a role as a new pathway that can connect businesses and consumers. We explore cause marketing, which can increase profits and contribute to making a better society at the same time.

#shampoo #container #plastic #experience #space_renovation#fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV