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Contact us list with Department, Job, Tel, Help.
Department Job Tel Help
  • General Inspection Work
02-3475-5130 Send Email
TV & Radio Programming Center
  • Planning and Operation of TV Scheduling
  • Subcontract production/Reproduction
  • Sales of Programs and Purchase of Televising Rights
  • Operation of CG Office
02-3475-5088 Send Email
Content Distribution Center
  • Medium and long-term channel project strategies and promotion plans
  • Creation and management of foreign viewing environment
  • Maintenance and management of major strategic platforms
  • Lease and operation of satellite
  • Research on media effect rate
  • Broadcast exchange
  • Planning/Operation of Digital Media Business
  • Production/Management of Digital Contents
  • Development/Operation of Digital Media System
02-3475-5324 Send Email
Smart Radio Team
  • Planning and Operation of Radio Scheduling
  • Production of Radio Programs
02-3475-5345 Send Email
TV Production Center
  • Production of Programs
  • Program Production Cost Claim
02-3475-5087 Send Email
Current Affairs
& News Center
  • Planning, Administration and Production Cost Implementation and Management
  • Production of News Program
  • Production of Current Event Programs
  • Video Coverage and Studio Camera Operation
02-3475-5036 Send Email
Convergence Technology Center
  • Technical Management
  • Transmission
  • Radio Technology
  • Production Skills
  • News Skills
  • Editing Skills
  • Contents Production Support Projects
02-3475-5201 Send Email
Policy Planning & Budget Team
  • Planning
  • Media Promotion
  • International Cooperation
  • Establishment and Adjustment of Budget Compilation Basic Plan
02-3475-5020 Send Email
Social Value Team
  • Establishment of Medium and Long-term Strategies
  • Evaluation of Performance Results
  • Business Innovation
  • Company Social Responsibility Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
02-3475-5022 Send Email
Media Cooperation Center
  • Media Marketing
  • Foreign Advertisement Agency
  • Event Projects
  • Video Production
  • Domestic Channel Marketing
02-3475-5347 Send Email
AI Data Information Team
  • Planning of broadcasting digitalization strategy
  • Operation of information system
02-3475-5410 Send Email
Support Center
  • General Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Education and Training
  • IT
  • Financial Accounting
  • Property Management
  • Purchase
  • Management of Program Production Cost Implementation
02-3475-5041 Send Email
Management Support Center
/ Information Security Unit
  • Emergency Planning
  • Disaster and Safety Management
  • Facilities
  • Information security
02-3475-5417 Send Email