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Arirang News Video Submission

As a public institution stipulated in Article 2 (6) of the Personal Information Protection Act, the International Broadcasting Foundation intends to collect, use, and provide personal information as follows to report Arirang News videos in accordance with Article 18 of the Act.

- Consent to collection and use of personal information -

  • Items to be Collected
    • Purpose of Collection and Use : Arirang News video report
    • Items to be Collected(Required) : Name, Contact Information, Filming Location, Date and Time, Video Content
    • Retention and Use Period : 3 months from the date of personal information collection
    • We inform you that you have the right to refuse consent to the collection and use of personal information, but you cannot make a complaint or suggest opinions should you the refuse to consent.
  • If the personal information provider uses the information for purposes other than those agreed upon, and if you wish to refuse the use of the provided personal information, you may make a request for viewing, correction, or deletion through the personal information manager.
Do you agree to the collection and use of personal information as above?
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