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AP Philip Crowther - Live Cross from White House
Updated: 2021-05-22 10:06:36 KST
Let's now go to Washington where Presidents Moon and Biden have just concluded their series of summits and a joint news conference.
Philip Crowther with AP International is live at the White House.

Philip, South Korean President Moon Jae-in was greeted by U.S. President Joe Biden earlier this afternoon at the White House as the American leader hosted the second in-person meeting with a worlder leader since taking office. This is as President Biden seeks to turn his foreign policy focus back to East Asia. Now, bring us up to speed on what the meet and greet between the two leaders and the ambience at the White House has been like.

We now have a joint statement. We had largely anticipated the bilat to center on of course, North Korea but also other areas of cooperation like trade and climate change.
What did President Biden and the U.S. side have in mind heading into the summit? did they get the outcome they wanted?
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