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North Korea says lifting of 'missile guidelines' on S. Korea reminder of U.S. hostility
Updated: 2021-05-31 09:03:00 KST
North Korea has slammed the United States' lifting of "missile guidelines" on South Korea, calling it a stark reminder of the hostile policy toward the regime and its "shameful double-dealing."
In an article issued under an individual's name through the North's state-run media Monday, the North said the measure clearly shows who is behind tension on the Korean Peninsula, adding Pyeongyang would face Washington on an "eye for an eye" footing.
The criticism marks the regime's first response to a pledge by the leaders of Seoul and Washington to use diplomacy to resolve the North's nuclear standoff.
While the English commentary clearly targets the U.S., watchers note the North has toned down criticism by releasing it as an article rather than in an official capacity, leaving room for diplomatic movement in the future.
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