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Marking 40th anniversary, Int'l Modern Dance Festival 2021 features range of contemporary dance
Updated: 2021-06-04 09:55:21 KST
The longest and largest contemporary dance festival in Korea, the International Modern Dance Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
To mark the occasion, MODAFE invited some of Korea's most influential choreographers to create a variety of highlights under the theme 'All About Contemporary Dance'.

"Korea's national dance troupes haven't been gathered altogether so we have prepared the 'National Evening' program. There is a 'Women's Evening' program that highlights female choreographers who have been a part of the contemporary dance scene for over 20 years, and an artist-centered stage presenting notable choreographers such as Jeon Mi-sook, Ahn Sung-soo and Ahn eun-me."

The Legend Stage includes works from the country's most respected choreographers, such as "Jesus Christ Superstar" by Yook Wan-soon, who introduced modern dance to Korea.
These legendary choreographers' shows will be recorded and the footage preserved in the National Archives of Korea.

MODAFE Collection will present creative shows by some of the top dance troupes in the country right now.

"Our show 'Silicone Valley' is a collaborative show by Art Project BORA and Israeli choreographer Shahar Binyamini. We dealt with boundaries and relationships between old and new, reality and imagination and the human and cyber body."

"'Empty Project_After Life' depicts meditation in a form of dance, drawing a self-portrait of ourselves living in a society where our desire leads to fatigue."

"Through our show 'Balance&Imbalance' we tried to show how the world is constantly at odds but in balance by showing harmony between the music by samulnori traditional percussion quartet and dancers."

The festival runs until June 13 at ARKO Arts Center, the National Theater of Korea and Sogang University Mary Hall.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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