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U.S. waits for North Korea to make next move on nuclear talks
Updated: 2021-06-07 04:55:41 KST
South Korea and the United States have wrapped up their two-party talks over the presidential summit last month. With the United States' policy review on North Korea also announced, the ball is in North Korea's court and all eyes are on Kim Jung-un's regime to respond. What can we expect from the North at this time, and how will they react to the "calibrated approach" from the US and South Korea?

한미 양국은 지난달 두 대통령이 만나며 정상 회담을 마무리했다. 미국의 대북 정책 검토 또한 발표되면서 이제 북한이 대응할 차례이며, 모두가 김정은 정권의 대응을 예의주시하고 있다. 이 시점에서 우리는 북한으로부터 무엇을 예상할 수 있으며, 북한은 미국과 한국의 "조정된 접근"에 어떻게 반응할 것인가?

Dr. Ramon Pacheco Pardo, KF-VUB Korea Chair at Brussels School of Governance, Reader in International Relations at King's College London

Mark Barry, Associate Editor, International Journal on World Peace
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