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BTS's 'Butter' tops Billboard Hot 100 for second straight week
Updated: 2021-06-08 13:29:11 KST
As soon as it was released, BTS's single 'Butter' topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart with an overwhelming amount of Americans tuning in.
And for the second straight week, the song has topped the chart, becoming one of just a few songs to have achieved the feat.
Since the Billboard Hot 100 chart was created in 1958, there have only been 58 singles that have debuted at number one.
Of those, only 23, including 'Butter,' managed to hold onto the top spot going into the next week.
With their latest accomplishment, there's little doubt 'Butter' has become the hottest song of the summer.
The single also boasts immense download volume, twice as many as the number two song in just the second week.
And it's thanks to two remixed versions that have been released.
Now critics are saying BTS have likely cemented their popularity in the U.S.

"The fact the band's airplay and streaming figures hold up so well throughout the week shows many Americans are listening to BTS as they go about their daily lives."

With 'Butter' already on pace to better BTS's first all-English single 'Dynamite', the band may have another goal in mind.

"I hope 'Butter' can be loved' as the representative summer song of 2021."

And just as the lyrics say, BTS fans agree the song is most certainly 'hot like summer'.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.
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