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Rain to let up in afternoon, heavy rain on Jeju and south coast
Updated: 2021-06-11 06:11:12 KST
Good morning. Rain has stopped in the capital for now but Jeju and the south coast are seeing heavy rainfall this morning with a heavy rain advisory issued. So far, mountainous regions on Jeju saw more than 300 millimeters while Jeollanam-do Province saw over 100.

Rain should let up from the west this morning, going away by afternoon. But until then, Jeju and the south coast could see 80 more millimeters while the rest will see 5 to 40 millimeters.

Morning temperatures are slightly breezier than the same time yesterday. Seoul, Daegu and Chuncheon at 19 degrees Celsius. You shouldn't dress as light as yesterday.

Highs will be 1 to 6 degrees lower today, those in the south will notice a huge drop in readings today, Daegu at 24, Busan at just 22 degrees.

Temperatures will be on the rise from Saturday along with sunnier skies.

That's Korea for you and here's a look at weather conditions around the world.
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