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Kim Jong-un presides over party meeting to discuss current int'l situation, possibly including message for U.S.
Updated: 2021-06-16 15:34:23 KST
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is presiding over a Workers' Party meeting to discuss ways to deal with the (quote) "current international situation," which might include the regime's policy toward Seoul and Washington.

"Messages toward the U.S. rather than South Korea are expected to come because the core of the North's situation is Washington's movement. The North will probably speak in light of last month's South Korea-U.S. summit."

But the expert added the tone might be softer than usual given that internal affairs like improving people's lives are Kim Jong-un's priority right now.

"Natural disasters last year severely affected the North's agriculture, leading to food shortages, so the regime's agricultural issues are top of the agenda because of the need to feed people."

Plus, with the pandemic expected to linger, the North is likely to be less active toward talks with Washington.
Tuesday's meeting also gave a positive evaluation of the current state of the regime's economy, following the leader's ambitious new five-year economic plan unveiled in January.
Pyeongyang's state media said Tuesday's meeting is still ongoing.
Kim Dami, Arirang News.
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