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Nationwide retail campaign 'Korea Donghaeng Sale' runs from June 24 to July 11
Updated: 2021-06-16 16:43:52 KST

South Korea is to hold a nationwide sale campaign next Thursday…dubbed the 'Korea Donghaeng Sale'.
The retail campaign, which is named after the Korean word for "going along together", will take place both online and in stores and markets across the country, with the aim of boosting consumption and revitalizing the economy.
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups said on Wednesday that it's holding the 18-day sales event to help SMEs and small merchants attract customers and spur local consumption.

"Domestic demand and consumer sentiment have been recovering amid a rise in the vaccination rate. We hope to see the local economy become active again through the Donghaeng Sale."

Online shopping-malls are selling high-rated products from SMEs and small merchants at up to a 70 percent discount.
Through TV home shopping, consumers will benefit from special offers on 441 products.
And…mobile shopping apps also provide promotions for high-rated products for SMEs and small merchants.
When it comes to offline channels, department stores will offer up to 50% discounts on brands from SMEs and on some summer fashion items.
At traditional marketplaces, consumers can get 10-percent of all the money they spend back in the form of local gift certificates.
And major supermarkets are offering up to 50 percent off popular foods, and up to 40 percent off agricultural and livestock products.
The ministry is planning to hold a virtual opening ceremony of the nationwide campaign at Sewoon Arcade in Jongno-gu, Seoul next Thursday.
Seo Eunkyung, Arirang News.

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