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Town in Thailand launches raffle to win a cow for those getting vaccinated
Updated: 2021-06-17 07:03:56 KST
How about being given a cow in exchange for getting a COVID-19 vaccine?
That may be the case for some people in a town in northern Thailand.
In order to encourage inoculation, they launched a raffle where residents who get vaccinated can win one cow in a weekly draw.
But there are some rules, the cows are not for resale and not to be slaughtered.
One winner said on Tuesday that he is grateful for being able to bring home a one-year-old female cow.

"I feel grateful and very happy to win one of the cows, and it's a big one. I will raise it and let it breed more cattle."

Authorities said, the campaign will last until the vaccination drive is completed.
Meanwhile, another town in Indonesia is giving out live chickens to elderly residents, for getting COVID-19 shots.
Local authorities said due to fear of the vaccine, it has been difficult to persuade elderly residents to get inoculated.
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