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More fans allowed at baseball games as gov't plans to announce new distancing rules on Sunday
Updated: 2021-06-17 09:54:29 KST
"On Wednesday, the Jamsil Baseball Stadium welcomed the most fans since the start of the current season as starting Tuesday the capacity cap has been raised by the South Korean government from 10 percent to 30 for the capital region."

That means that around 72-hundred people are allowed in and on Wednesday, 35-hundred have come to watch.
This is more than Tuesday when the eased restrictions came into effect.
However people are still not allowed to eat while in their seats nor are they allowed to cheer loudly.
Tickets are only available online in advance and fans must stay in their designated seats.
But, baseball fans say that, even with the restrictions in place, it's still better than before.

"It's this guy's birthday, so I gave it a shot online to get a ticket and luckily because of the expansion to 30 percent, I got a seat."
"It is true that it's not as fun as before because we can't yell or cheer, but it has its own beauty."

This comes as the government says there will be a new social distancing scheme introduced revamped with a different level system.

"This Sunday, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters will announce the new distancing rules which will take effect from July. As we expect them to bring big changes to daily lives and prevention practices, we wish to give all citizens enough time to prepare."

According to local reports, for three weeks in July there's a easing-in period before the new model takes full effect.
In the Seoul capital area, the maximum number of people for gatherings will be raised to six from the current four on-site services will be allowed until midnight and bars and clubs are only allowed to open until ten at night.
For the rest of the country during the same three-week period, the maximum number of people allowed for gatherings will be eight, but once the new scheme comes into effect it's expected that these restrictions will be lifted completely.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.
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