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Brief respite from heat with cloudy spells, drizzle tomorrow
Updated: 2021-06-17 16:21:56 KST
The nation will continue with cloudy skies and with occasional showers tomorrow. There's already some passing drizzle across parts of central regions tonight. This band of light showers, accompanied by a cool breeze, will extend nationwide overnight. The amount of rain won't be much with about 5 millimeters expected. Expect showers to linger until tomorrow afternoon.

Breezy conditions will last until tomorrow. Peak temperatures will only reach to the mid-20s in the capital area. For the weekend, the nation is forecast to see sunny skies with hot, humid temperatures returning.

For the readings tomorrow, morning lows will range from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius.

Daytime highs will be similar to today's. Seoul will get up to 24 degrees. Daejeon and Chuncheon 25 degrees. Busan 24 degrees.

Meanwhile, we've been seeing frequent rainfall lately, but the monsoon front hasn't entered the Peninsula just yet. South Korea's weather agency forecasts that this year's monsoon season is set to begin later than usual.

That's all for now, and here are the weather conditions around the world.
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