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Rain to let up before noon, big rise in highs in east
Updated: 2021-06-18 07:44:30 KST
Good morning. It was a rainy start to the day across the country. Precipitation will be less than 5 millimeters, but it should let up before noon. However, southern parts of the country could see passing rain in the afternoon so keep an umbrella handy.

Along with the rain, temperatures will stay on the breezier side again for the capital region while those in east will notice a big rise in the highs this afternoongoing up 4 to 6 degrees higher than yesterday.

Gyeongju will be 8 degrees higher, topping out at 29. After the rain lets up in Seoul, we could expect some glimpses of sunshine, but down south it will be cloudy all day.

Despite the frequent rainfall we are seeing this year, monsoon season will actually kick off about 10 days later than average - around end of June to early July Anyways, summer weather returns just in time for the weekend.

That's Korea for you and here's a look at weather conditions around the world.
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