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Fire at Coupang logistics center rages for over a day
Updated: 2021-06-18 14:24:52 KST
One of the biggest logistics centers belonging to South Korean e-commerce giant Coupang has been burning for a day and a half now and one firefighter is missing.
The authorities say the fire broke out on Thursday at 5:20 in the morning, and is believed to have been caused by a spark from a power outlet in the basement.
The building is a fulfillment center located in Icheon, south of Seoul.
The missing firefighter is one of five who entered the building on Thursday around noon to look for survivors once the flames were under control.
But the fire took hold again, and one of them did not make it out.
The search will resume as soon as it's possible to get back in the building.
The Coupang building was a logistics hub for the region, so it could affect deliveries.
Coupang says it will reroute parcels through other centers.
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