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CureVac may allow manufacturing partners to produce rival vaccines if own shot fails: CEO
Updated: 2021-06-18 14:37:06 KST
German bio-tech firm CureVac says that it may allow its manufacturing partners to produce COVID-19 vaccines developed by rival companies should its own experimental shot fails.
The CEO of the company Franz-Werner Haas told Reuters Thursday that its network of partners would be free to make other products if CureVac doesn't have one its own.
But Haas added that the company is fully committed to obtaining authorization and is still waiting for the final analysis.
His remarks come as the company saw billions of Euros wiped from its market value after its late-stage trial results showed that its vaccine was only 47-percent effective.
The WHO considers vaccines with an efficacy above 50 percent worth using - which puts the CureVac candidate a few crucial points short.
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