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Post-Covid S. Korea-Finland Green Economic Cooperation: Finnish Int'l Trade Minister Ville Skinnari
Updated: 2021-06-18 14:29:13 KST
President Moon Jae-in wrapped up his visit to Europe, cementing partnerships with the G7 nations and further boosting economic relations with Austria and Spain.
One other European nation that shares goals with South Korea in building back the economy in post-pandemic era is none other than Finland a world leader in green growth and ICT technologies.
For more on the unlimited potential of South Korea-Finland partnership, Finland's Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari joins us in the studio.
Thank you for coming in today.

You held your first bilateral meeting with South Korean trade minister Yoo Myung-hee. What issues were discussed, and what was the main focus?

Global competition is heating up to shore up semiconductor supply and acquire 6G-related technologies with Korea's neighboring Japan recently teaming up with leading Finnish firms on 6G development. What specific agreements were made during your talks with Minister of Science and ICT, Lim Hye-sook?

Also high on the agenda were climate issues which were addressed during your meeting with president of the Global Green Growth Institute, and former UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon. What are the key takeaways from the meeting, and in what areas can South Korea and Finland cooperate to reach the shared goal of carbon neutrality?

Korea is actively seeking green growth through high digitalization under its 'Digital and Green New Deal' post-pandemic recovery plan. How can South Korea-Finland economic partnership be further boosted within the framework of Korea's New Deal policy?

How do you assess current South Korea-Finland economic relations what are your prospects for future bilateral partnership?

Finland's Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari for our news in-depth tonight. Thank you for sharing your perspective, we appreciate it.
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