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S. Korea to pay pandemic relief funds of $220 to most households
Updated: 2021-07-23 17:45:26 KST
At the National Assembly, South Korea's political parties have reportedly settled on the details of the next round of pandemic relief payments under this year's second extra budget.
And this still needs final approval in a plenary session later tonight.
According to the secretary of the budget committee, Maeng Sung-kyu, they've agreed to payments of 250-thousand won, or about 220 U.S. dollars per person.
But this will only be for people with a household income below the 88th percentile.
For single people, that threshold is 50 million won, and for bigger households, it'll be higher.
For small business owners hit by the pandemic, they'll get payments of up to 20 million won, or about 17-thousand dollars.
And the conditions for that payment will be announced later.
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